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Referencias / References

2016 Summer Host Family Testimonial:

"It was a great experience. It was a great match between our student/guest and our family. The chance to have a stay-cation and show our city to a guest was wonderful. But most of all, for our daughter to have a like age friend was the best part. They enjoyed each other.

Amanda was quiet, polite and easy to have as a guest. She, like my own daughter, was a kind and young 14 year old girl. I mean that as a compliment. Her English was very good. There were only a few vocabulary words that she did not know. She was quiet and needed to be encouraged but did a nice job. Sarcasm, phrases and expressions were sometimes a sticking point, common. I would very much recommend her returning. She took her journal very seriously and wanted to improve her English."

-Motoviloff Family

"Everyone loved having Laura back again for a 2nd summer. Lily loved having her summer companion for running, volunteering at the library, biking, and generally enjoying Madison. Laura really was part of the family this summer. She had a great time in Door County with cousins and we loved showing her Chicago.

Laura is one of the most easy-going and happy 17 year-olds I know. She is extremely adaptable and her English is near perfect. I would recommend her for anything."

-Jenssen Family

"We absolutely loved this experience! Our entire family enjoyed it so much. Our daughter is the same age as the student (Valeria) and their friendship was instant. They had so much in common and laughter was constant! Valeria was a joy to have in our family and we miss her immensely.

Valeria was very mature, extremely polite, very fluent in English. She fit into our family very well. She loves to swim and be active and was always so wonderful to have around. She helped out with family chores and was kind to everyone she met."

-Helm Family

"This was an amazing experience for our family. I had to wait a few weeks before I could write this without getting really emotional! I can honestly say that we each formed our own special bond with Marta and have all felt the loss since she left. Marta was a great fit with our family’s spirit and sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling with her and showing her new things. Our Chicago trip was the highlight for all of us! We also loved talking with her about how things were similar and different between our cultures. We loved introducing her to all of our family and friends…all who met her loved her! Marta is part of our family now!

Marta is very carefree and never appeared homesick. Her maturity level is similar to our daughters. Marta is polite and had good manners; she kept her room very clean and was always willing to help with whatever chores we asked the kids to do each day. She loved to play with our dog Willow and was very comfortable hanging out with any of us when our daughter had soccer practice. We were able to communicate well; although she admitted she understood little the first week. Her listening / comprehension definitely improved over the four weeks. She was open to us when we corrected her English pronunciation. We introduced her to many different family members and friends in WI, MN, and IL and she was friendly and talkative with everyone she met. She was so adaptable and go with the flow….she was great! We would love to have her stay with us again…the girls are already planning on it!"

-Engelien Family

2015 Host Family Testimonials:

"We had an amazing experience with International Friendship! We invited a guest but she left as family... We thoroughly enjoyed learning about her family, friends, culture, favorite foods, school, places she has traveled and vice versa! Some our favorite things to do together were watch American movies, go to the grocery store, go for a boat ride, explore Chicago, go to baseball games (Mallards and the Brewers), try new restaurants, and listen to music together. Our house will always be open to her and her family! We hope to go to Spain in the near future to visit her as well!
Thank you, Krissa!"

-Nale Family

"With this being our first time hosting. I feel that everyone had a great time and lots of fun. Especially our daughters having a live-in “sister” to play, teach and hang out with. "

-Ossowski Family

"Berna was such a great fit for our family, and really became part of our family for a month. We had lots of fun together and enjoyed being a family of 5.

Berna was always willing to help out in any way he could. He was able to talk about things that might have been bothering him, he was always ready for fun and laughs, and was very responsible. His English skills were very good, and did a good job improvising if he couldn’t think of a word. He was extremely adaptable to new situations and wasn’t easily bothered by anything. It was great!"

-Leabo Family

"We loved our host student. He was funny, flexible, and very easy to have around."

-Lentfer Family

"It was a positive experience for the entire family. The kids enjoyed having a “big brother” to hand out with. We also enjoyed learning about Spain and the differences between our two countries"

-Stoltz Family

"Thank you for all you did to make this year so special! You gave me the insight to step outside of my box and have one of the most incredible experiences in my life. "

-Zibell Family

"We loved having Sofía stay with us and have invited her to come back and stay with us again next year. She’s now part of our family :)"

-Love, DeAnna Kennicutt

Teacher Recommendations:

"It’s my pleasure to recommend International Friendship & Learning as a serious and responsible organization that brings students from Spain and France to share a month with Wisconsin families.

I teach Spanish at Evansville High School and for the last three years I have been working with Ms. Krissa Hinzman, representative of International Friendship & Learning, motivating families in our community to host a student from Spain . In these years we have hosted 4 students and it has been a great experience for everyone. "

Hosting an international student can be challenging but Ms. Hinzman makes every effort to make sure everyone feels comfortable with this experience.

I highly recommend your school takes part in this important program as it benefits not just the students but the whole community. "

-Diego Ojeda, Evansville High School

"To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is in reference to Krissa Hinzman. I met Krissa while studying abroad in Spain during the spring of 1998. After returning to the U.S., we lost contact. In the spring of 2009, I was given contact information for a teacher from Spain looking to find host families for her students for the summer. I was delighted to realize that the Spanish teacher was Krissa. The summer hosting experience has been a great experience for many of my students and families in Reedsburg. They have been able to learn about Spanish culture, practice language skills, and make new friends. In the three years we have been participating, there have been no problems or concerns with the students who have stayed in our community.
Krissa is also extremely professional and helpful. She is always only a call away during the summer. She is also willing to help out any Spanish teachers in any possible way during the school year. She has even found a home for one of my colleagues who visited Spain during the summer.
I would not hesitate to recommend her or her students to anyone. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

-Michelle Siedschlag - Spanish Teacher-Reedsburg Area School District

"Three students from my district hosted students through the American Experience program during the summer of 2011. My American students and the Spanish students became great friends and still keep in contact to practice their language skills. I have many students who hope to host Spanish students in the future. It was a great experience for everyone!! "

-Nicole Vesperman, Belleville Schools

"International Friendship is an organized and passionate agency that strives to create enriching international relationships. I wholeheartedly endorse the implementation of the Language and Friendship Program in our communities and schools. Our small gift of a homestay facilitates friendships for the incoming Spanish students and our local families. Through these international relationships the students are able to learn the language quickly and integrate into the local culture. "

-Sarah Breckley. Reedsburg High School

"My name is Philip Wood, I teach 7th and 8th grade Spanish at Mt. Horeb Middle School in Mt. Horeb, WI. The purpose of this letter is to endorse Krissa Hinzman and her group, International Friendship & Learning.

I know Krissa and her family through two different venues, curiously. First, she contacted me several years ago about helping find host families for her students. Second, I met her mother through a totally unrelated relationship with our church. Between the two of them I have spent a significant amount of time with her family. Krissa is a very caring individual who knows each of her students very well. She is completely committed to sharing cultures between the US and Spain and breaking down any cultural/language barriers that might exist between the groups. She is very driven, and though she takes on a pretty big task with her program, I always receive personal responses to my emails and questions in a very reasonable amount of time.

Mt. Horeb’s participation in the exchange process varies a lot by year. Lately we have only had 2-3 new families hosting per year. A few years ago we had about 10 new families hosting. The students that have hosted always give me good reports, and most re-host the following year. Every year I explain the program to my classes I have someone whose family has hosted through International Friendship and Learning volunteer to tell everyone how neat an experience they have had. My wife’s aunt, in Iowa City, hosted Pablo last summer and everyone had a fantastic time. They are currently trying to find a time where they could go to Spain to see him again. I’ve already had 2 of my students visit their host student in Spain, one of whom is going back for a second trip this year.

I would recommend Krissa and her group, and have, even to my own family. Everything I have seen and heard have indicated that this is a great experience that everyone enjoys. My wife and I will be hosting one of the chaperones this year for the first time and are very excited about it. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

-Philip Wood, Mount Horeb Middle School


"Ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, he aprendido mucho y creo que eso me va a servir para mucho en la vida. Lo he pasado muy bien con la familia y siempre estaremos en contacto. He mejorado el vocabulario y he consolidado la gramática, también se hablar un inglés fluido."


"He tenido una experiencia increíble conociendo a una familia americana estupenda con la que compartí un mes magnífico lleno de actividades divertidas."


"Ha sido una experiencia realmente buena y la que volvería a repetir. Me he divertido mucho. He aprendido mucho vocabulario nuevo y otra cultura. También he mejorado mi fluidez en el idioma. "


"Ha sido una experiencia muy positiva y satisfactoria. Los coordinadores han respondido de una manera muy eficaz. Me gustó la estancia con las familias y los días en Chicago. La familia se han portado perfectamente lo que ha permitido que se disfrutara de la estancia. Me gustaría repetir y con la misma familia. "


"t was very great, it was fun and I met new people and new food. I liked the experience and the people a lot."

-María G

"It was a fantastic experience. I had a lot of fun. The last two weeks were the best of all summer. I really enjoyed my American host family. I learned the American culture, the way they live there."


"It was very good and interesting. I learned a way to speak English more confident, American daily routine and summer life. I liked all aspects of the program."


"It was very fun with the son and the daughter who spend the most part with me. In conclusion really good. The most helpful thing that I used was the book which I can use for ordinary sentences and new words. I like all the options that you can pick (Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota). I spend a really good month with the family."


"This new experience it was wonderful and the family were very nice. I think I will come back and my host family this year was amazing. I would like the same family."

-María V

"A great opportunity to learn English, make new friends and understand the American culture. I liked everything."


"It was amazing this experience in the USA and we had done a lot of different things with the family (waterpark, baseball games). I like that I was all the time with my host family and we didn't have classes. I think that my parents liked all of the aspects of the program. I would like to stay with the same family again."



"We definitely speak highly of this exchange program. My family will be hosting a student for the third year in a row. My husband has recently been to Spain to visit his daughter and was able to meet with the parents of the students we hosted. They are some of the most lovely people you would ever want to meet.
Personally, I have been a Rotary Exchange Student as well as a Fulbright Scholar, and this group is as professional, but smaller and easier to maintain contact and open communications through-out the 4 week exchange period.
Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions that you may have."

-The Davis Family

"We hosted for the first time last year, and it was a delightful experience, well supported by other area families and the American Experience organization. Cristina (our Spanish exchange student) asked to come back and stay with us this year, and my daughter is returning with them to Spain at the end of July. I am happy to provide a reference."

-The Popp Family

"You can't go wrong with this program!!!! It truly is the best run program!!! Krissa does a wonderful job in making sure the students and host families are well taken care of!!!! It's awesome!!! I have been in other programs...they drop the kids off and never get in touch with them....until the end. Krissa is so good at planning activities and keeping in touch!! Also, the students are so nice...we had a girl named Africa....and I feel like she is a daughter to me!!!! I love her like my own!!! She will be coming back to stay with us this summer!! This is a first rate program...they don't come any better!!! I hope this helpful!!! I know who ever goes with this program will be very happy!!!."

-The Campbell Family

"I will give a personal reference. I'm sure that Pam D. would also. Both of us have hosted a few times and both of us wound up visiting the families of our exchange students in their home villages and cities in Spain . "

-The Skiles Family

"We had Isabel as an exchange student 2 years ago and we still keep in touch. We loved having her here. At that time, she was 17 and our daughter was 2. Megan, our daughter, still talks about Isabel. We feel like we gained another family member. I hope our friendship will last for years to come!."

-The Meese Family

"Regarding the Spanish Student American Experience.
Our family hosted a Spanish student in 2006 and 2007, and we were invited to visit Spain which our family did in Sept. 2007. Incredible experience which we highly recommend. Krissa does a great job of making the American experience memorable for the students and host families."

-The Stanisch family.


"Hemos tenido una gran suerte en conocer a Heather y Krissa y en que se hayan convertido en nuestras profesoras de "inglés divertido" en las actividades extraescolares de nuestro colegio. Su calidad profesional y humana merecen un 10 sobre 10. Son dos mujeres cercanas, agradables y muy trabajadoras, que desde el principio nos transmitieron su entusiasmo por enseñar inglés, su confianza en su método, y ahora nos lo demuestran cada día. Preparan trabajos muy variados y entretenidos para cada sesión. Muestran a los padres los resultados de alguna de las sesiones haciendo que los niños nos canten o reciten algo en inglés al final de la clase. Hacen un seguimiento individualizado de cada alumno, adaptan las clases a las necesidades cambiantes de los alumnos a lo largo del curso... y siempre con una sonrisa. En fín, en el colegio todos los comentarios son positivos. Os aconsejo sinceramente a estas dos chicas, eso sí, dejadles tiempo para nuestro cole ¿vale?."

-Marta, Madre de AMPA