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Linguistic and cultural trip to Spain

Individual & Group trips to Spain for Schools, Universities, Adults and Professionals:

Linguistic and cultural experiences offer a magnificent opportunity to improve Spanish language skills while living in another country and culture. The students can choose to live with a Spanish family or in a residence hall. This experience allows the students to fully immerse themselves into the Spanish culture. Families are chosen specifically for each student and there is only one student permitted per household. Each experience offers a custom designed itinerary including the opportunity including the option to explore other Spanish cities and take part in cultural excursions.

This opportunity fosters personal as well as academic and professional growth. The teachers that organize the program dedicate many hours to its organization so that the students are offered a safe, friendly and educational environment. They are completely dedicated to the learning process of the students because they know the positive influence that it can have on their lives. The students will use Spanish to communicate and relate to the people that they meet during their stay. This is the best way to improve their linguistic abilities in Spanish.

As well as improving their Spanish skills, adult students also have the opportunity to teach English as a Second Language classes. If the student would like to participate in our Teaching ESL program, a certain amount of “English speaking" time is mapped out before the family stay begins, leaving clear expectations for when the family will speak in Spanish and when they will have a chance to practice their English skills with their student. Students are able to give private individual or group English classes either as practice/student-teaching hours or paid. Students meet with their experienced supervising teacher upon arrival to Valladolid, and various times during their stay to discuss teaching ideas, lesson plans and activities. These meetings are important to the student´s overall growth and improvement as an English teacher.

The student´s stay includes personal attention during the visit with the opportunity to live in Spain, get to know the culture and the customs of the family, try a Mediterranean diet, improve Spanish skills, begin English teaching experiences, make friends, and share new experiences with them. This also helps the students find a new appreciation for their own culture and customs.

The teachers responsible for the program will be the student´s mentors and teachers during their stay in Valladolid. They will be available to the student to help them with questions, concerns or anything else during their stay. They will also be on-call 24 hours a day in case of any emergency. The teachers will send the student preparatory materials to look over before their visit, and a journal and workbook to keep during their stay.

Valladolid is a city located about two hours north of Madrid, in the center of Spain. It is 1 ½ hours from the border of Portugal (by car) and 2 ½ hours south of the Cantabrian Sea. Valladolid has around 350,000 inhabitants and is a University city. It is located in the province of Valladolid and in the Autonomous Community of Castille and León. Valladolid has a Cathedral, ancient churches, museums such as the Christopher Columbus House-Museum (where he lived and died), National Sculpture Museum, and The Cervantes House Museum (author of Don Quijote), a huge park in the middle of the city known as the Campo Grande, beautiful fountains, daily in and outdoor marketplaces, tapas and as in the rest of Spain, streets filled with people and life. Near Valladolid, you can visit historic cities like Salamanca and Segovia, as well as Castles from centuries back and Medieval villages.

*Optional Courses:

  • Guitar lessons taught in English or Spanish.
  • Spanish language classes taught in Spanish.
  • Spanish History and Geography classes taught in English or Spanish.
  • Teaching English as a Second Language: ideas, activities and lesson plans.Classes taught in English.
  • Teaching Children with Hearing Loss. Classes taught in English.
  • Cooking Spanish food taught in Spanish (cooking class).