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About International friendship l.l.c.

International Friendship is an organization dedicated to linguistic and cultural experiences. It is our passion to offer these quality opportunities so that everyone can enjoy and learn about each other's language and culture while making life-long, international friendships. 

Our magic formula is our commitment to excellence, love & care

At International Friendship, our hearts are on this journey for all the right reasons.  We feel passionate about our vision of creating safe, positive, & enriching international friendship experiences for all.


for our students...

this means our students are chosen based on criteria that aligns with our values and opportunity. Once a student is chosen as a good fit for our program, we take the time to get to know them well and every decision we make for the program is with their well being in mind.  We go to great lengths to ensure that they will be staying with a safe, loving, and welcoming family.

for our host families...

this means that through our application process, host families are matched with a student that we truly feel complements their family. Host families will receive a student who has gone through a selection process and is fully prepared for the experience. Each student is greatly looking forward to being a part of their family and everyday routine. The students are prepared to make their host family experience extra special with their friendship, gratitude, & cheer.

 Through the years, we've created a beautiful International Friendship Family by connecting, preparing, and supporting wonderful families on both sides of the ocean!

blessed to have this opportunity

Hosting was the highlight of our summer! Our entire family was blessed to have this opportunity to get to know our student and share our home with her. I would encourage others to reach out and share life with an international student!

Helm family

24/7 support

We take great pride in screening our students & families, along with providing them with pre-trip preparation meetings, manuals, friendship, and professional support.


We are available 24/7 during the International Friendship experience: it's a great network of support and we believe is set up for success for all.

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