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 International Friendship L.L.C. is an organization dedicated to linguistic and cultural experiences. It is our passion to offer these quality opportunities so that everyone ...


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our international friendship team

host family coordinators

At International Friendship, our local Host Family Coordinators are at the heart of program.  Our coordinators are excited to share the opportunity of lifelong international friendships with their community.  Our host family coordinators are bringing the world into to home of their friends and families. With the ongoing support of a local coordinator, every family and student has a complete circle of support. 

travel monitors

Our monitors are a very special part of each student’s journey here at International Friendship.  Each student is matched with a monitor for guidance and support.  Monitors support each student and the student’s family during pre-trip preparations, international travel days, and in being a mentor and friend during the students 4 week International Friendship experience.  Monitors work directly with lead coordinators in completing our valued circle of support for each student and host family.

Growing up, my family hosted people from all over the world. I absolutely loved getting to know each guest while learning about their lives, cultures, hopes, and dreams. It made a positive impact on my childhood as I cherished each international friendship and experience.


I also had the privelege of travel & study abroad opportunities to several Spanish speaking countries while in High School & university.  I discovered that these experiences were the key to a whole new world of possibilities, opportunities, friendships, learning and beyond.


Upon graduating college, I moved to Spain where I taught English for 12 years. In 2004, my students asked me to create a travel program for them in USA in summer. With my passion for international family experiences, both as a student & as a host family, International Friendship was born.


My mission is to create positive, enriching and educational experiences for students and host families while building lasting international friendships!

krissa, director

It is a true honor for me to get to know all of you.  I am forever grateful for your

family’s time, care, friendship, and cheer. I greatly look forward to each year’s experience being a safe, healthy, happy, enriching experience for all families and students.


Thank you for joining our International Friendship Family Journey!

Lead Coordinator

I'm International Friendship's Lead Host Family & Monitor Coordinator and I absolutely love my job!  I am lucky enough to also be a local coordinator to many of our host families each summer.


Several years ago, My husband and daughters decided to host an International Friendship student with the hopes that our daughters would learn a little bit about another culture and that they would have the opportunity start building international friendships. It has developed into so much more than we’ve every dreamed of. We now have this amazing International FAMILY! My oldest daughter and I have since had the opportunity to travel to Spain. We were able to visit the students that we've hosted over the years and get to know with their families as well. It was just such a blessing! Now, each year we greatly look forward to the repeating or new students that we will welcome into our home. Wishing you all the fun, learning, bonding and happiness hosting has brought to our family!


Local Host Family Coordinators


I’m a local International Friendship Host Family Coordinator for Wisconsin. I enjoy everything about this program! What an amazing opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful and growing company that strives for enriching international friendship experiences.


Never in my life growing up had I thought about hosting or even really knew anyone from another country. When I was approached  and asked if I would be iinterested in more information about hosting I was immediately drawn to this particular program. After my family hosted that first year we were hooked for life. We truly enjoy having our spanish daughters returning each summer almost as if we knew each other our entire lives. My only regret is not knowing about this years ago.


Coordinating families to have similar experiences and watching their relationships grow is priceless. From that very first home visit meeting to the departure day, it’s a wonderful feeling watching the relationships grow between the families but even more so between the kids as they grow in their relationships with one another. I truly start thinking about the next summer while our students are mid air on their way back to their families in Spain.


I look forward to meeting more families with the same interest, curiosity and optimism that it takes to open your heart and home to someone completely new to your world.


While in college I had the opportunity to study abroad and travel throughout Europe. Getting to know other cultures and immersing myself in the Spanish culture really opened my eyes to the world around me. Lucky for me, I became very good friends with some of the people I met along the way. One of them being Krissa. When she asked me if I would help her on this journey I didn’t bat an eye. It’s been 8 years since I joined this organization and been helping to find host families in Southeastern Wisconsin. I’ve seen it grow in popularity with it’s repeating host families. The friendships that have been made are truly amazing.


Having taught elementary Spanish, I  too feel passionate about providing these once –in –a-lifetime learning experiences for not only our youth but  for everyone involved.  It is an experience you will never forget.


We love the ability to provide an “American” experience to our guests, all the while absorbing the culture, food, accents and humor from around the world.  Our own children see the countries as no longer just places on a map, but as homes to many of our new friends who we still keep in contact with.  We look forward to hosting for many years into the future.  If you have already been a host family, you know why.  If this is your first time hosting a student, you are in for a real gift to yourself and your family.


I enjoy working with International Friendship  as a Host Family Coordinator.  Meeting each of the new students and their host families is exciting. Spreading the word about this great program and the benefits our family has received is a pleasure.


I am the newest addition to International Friendship team and couldn’t be happier about joining the organization!


After studying English and Spanish at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, I moved to Madrid and taught English for two years. I was placed in a tiny town near the mountains called Guadarrama and lived in the city center. The students and teachers that I worked with and the friends from across the globe that I made along the way all hold a special place in my heart. I believe that everyone who has the opportunity to experience another culture falls in love with the experience and forever sees the world through broadened, more empathetic eyes and that as they branch out of their comfort zones, they discover pastimes that they truly enjoy. For me, these hobbies are traveling, dancing, and cooking.


What makes this organization so special is the fact that it bridges huge distances to provide students with the same enriching experience that was so formative in my life, education, and career. I still teach English as a second language and currently teach in the United States. I very much look forward to connecting wonderful families in my community with Spanish students as they begin making international friendships!


I’m relatively new to the International Friendship family, though not new to the idea of international friendship. As a student and young adult, I have been hosted by 3 separate families on 3 different study/work trips to Spain. I was so impacted by the experience: I embraced into the Spanish culture, I learned to understand diverse world views, and I have formed relationships that will last a lifetime. During my years as a Spanish teacher, I had the opportunity to travel with students to Spain and watch them be transformed by the experience of being hosted. Though I am currently enjoying my time as a full-time mom, I am enjoying facilitating this hosting experience for students of the next generation through International Friendship and Learning.