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online Spanish classes

Online Spanish conversation classes and tutoring is available for building listening, speaking, and conversation skills.  This is a great way to learn, practice, and gain confidence in speaking Spanish.  Monday-Friday day classes are available for students 8 years and older and take place via Zoom or Skype.

online Engish classes

Online English conversation classes are available for international students, schools, and business English for companies abroad.  The classes can be adapted to any level and language goals.  We focus on improving listening comprehension as well as conversation skills while gain fluency in English.  Online classes take place via Zoom or Skype with flexible availability Monday-Friday.

volunteer school speaking events in the USA

An International Friendship representative can happily speak with your classroom about the enriching experience of being an international host family, study abroad, work abroad, and how speaking another language is a lifelong, personal & professional asset.  We can also talk to your classroom about Spain history and culture. If you would like materials from Spain for your classroom, just let us know! We greatly value our teacher friendships and how, together, we can make this world and even better place for our students & beyond!

internships in Spain

International Friendship in Valladolid, Spain offers English Instruction Internships as well as Internships in International Student Exchange Programs and Business Administration for a 1-3 month period. Interns live with a Spanish family creating a full immersion into the Spanish culture and language.

volunteer opportunities in Spain

International Friendship accepts volunteers in Valladolid, Spain for a 4-12 week stay. Volunteers live with a Spanish host family and work in various social and community projects. Neighborhood clean-up, Cultural and Social activities with Asociación Cultural Ciento Volando Valladolid, English instruction to children and adolescents in foster care as well as unemployed adults are a few examples of the opportunities.

translation & interpretation

We offer translation and interpreting services between English and Spanish.

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fantastic experience

I had the pleasure of living and working in Valladolid, Spain. I went in February of 2013 and worked as an English teaching intern for United Cultures until May.


It was such an incredible experience! While I was there, I lived with a lovely host family. I had an older sister, older brother, and a wonderful mother and father.


They were all so generous and kind to me. The best part about living with a host family was learning all of their unique and interesting customs, along with the general Spanish culture. The city itself, Valladolid, was so beautiful and historic. It was filled with fantastic people and amazing sights. Since I taught at many locations in the city, I had the ability to explore a lot in between classes. This was so much fun to me! There are so many museums, beautiful buildings, huge parks and kind people. Before I had arrived to Valladolid, I had never taught any classes before. However, I quickly learned and became comfortable with my teaching routine. I received so much help and support throughout my time in Valladolid, as well.

The experience of living and teaching abroad was absolutely one of a kind and I am so grateful that I was able to be there. I absolutely recommend this opportunity to anyone who considers this fantastic experience.


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For more information about our programs, or becoming a host family with International Friendship, please contact Krissa.

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