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...was an amazing experience for the whole family.

Thank you for all you did to make this year so special! You gave me the insight to step outside of my box and have one of the most incredible experience hosting two students through International Friendship (one in July and the other in August) was an amazing experience for our whole family.  Rodrigo and Blanca were fantastic and they quickly became part of our family; we enjoyed introducing them to our extended family and friends as well as sharing our favorite activities and places with them. We had so much fun getting to know them, and created so many great memories together.  We also learned a lot about Spain, and about our own city and country by experiencing life in the US through their eyes.  The program was well organized, with excellent communication throughout, and with attention to detail that supported both students and host families. We feel so fortunate to be a part of the International Friendship family, and we highly recommend the experience.

Clarkowski family

...has motivated our youngest to study spanish

We have hosted a student for 5 summers, and it has been a very enjoyable, rewarding experience for everyone in our family. We have truly made international friends. We had such a good fit with the student who came to us our 2nd summer, that she returned to us twice more, and then her brother this last summer! This experience has motivated our youngest to study Spanish so she can go visit this family in Spain. I can’t recommend this program highly enough. The director and coordinators are very helpful, organized, professional, thorough… they seem to think of everything to make hosting easy.

Fechner family

the experience was well worth it

This was an enriching experience for our family. We enjoyed having our guest participate in our daily routines. It was fun having another member of the family to play, learn, and experience new things with. Who knew introducing someone to Ranch Dressing could be so life changing?! This experience was well worth it. It’s an amazing opportunity AND we made an International Friendship

Kunkel family

We have loved hosting through the years. If you have ever considered hosting a student, DO IT!!! It is the best decision we have ever made! We are so blessed. Thank you, International Friendship, for making this possible.

do it!!!

Bernards family

...highly recommend...

We absolutely loved our experience with our exchange student! We highly recommend International Friendship! They made hosting extremely easy by providing plenty of information and mentoring.

Campbell family

...a tremendous time of growing & learning

We really enjoyed hosting our student from Spain through International Friendship!  We were not sure what to expect but it was a tremendous time of growing and learning, not only for our student, but for our entire family as well.  It made us look at our American lives with a little bit different lens. International Friendship made sure we were comfortable with every aspect of accepting someone new into our home. They were supportive of needs to make sure it was a good fit and that everyone was happy with the arrangements.  I would highly recommend the experience!

Lalor family

blessed to have this opportunity

Hosting was the highlight of our summer! Our entire family was blessed to have this opportunity to get to know her and share our home with her. I would encourage others to reach out and share life with an international student!

Helm family

thanks for making our summer special

'Your program is amazing and all of your coordinators are amazing. We've learned so much and it's been fun to keep in touch. Thanks for making our summer special.

O'Brien family

...part of our family now...

This was an amazing experience for our family. I had to wait a few weeks before I could write this without getting really emotional! I can honestly say that we each formed our own special bond with Marta. She was a great fit with our family’s spirit and sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling with her and showing her new things. We also loved talking with her about how things were similar and different between our cultures. We loved introducing her to all of our family and friends…all who met her loved her! Marta is part of our family now!

Engelien family

It was the best summer...

Our student blessed our family more than words can express. Anyone concidering the program should do it. It is very worthwhile and life changing for everyone. We all keep in contact and cant wait to see each other again. It was the best summer for everyone here. Each week we saw more of her personality and 1 month or more is the perfect time frame for such an experience!! Thanks to the coordinators for all you do and your love for the program. The children are so enriched and blessed to be in such a program and with such wonderful families!

Gadcek family

...learned more about empathy...

Hosting a student through International Friendship and Learning was a wonderful experience for our family. Our new Spanish son was a delight to have and my sons loved having another brother. Their dad and I loved that they not only learned about another culture but also learned more about empathy and nurturing as they started to realize how brave our student was to go somewhere so far away and without his own family.

...we miss her immensely.

We absolutely loved this experience! Our entire family enjoyed it so much. Our daughter is the same age as the student and their friendship was instant. They had so much in common and laughter was constant! She was a joy to have in our family and we miss her immensely.

Miller family

Vanderloo family

..invited a guest but she left as family...

Nale family

We had an amazing experience with International Friendship! We invited a guest but she left as family... We thoroughly enjoyed learning about her family, friends, culture, favorite foods, school, places she has traveled and vice versa! Some of our favorite things to do together were watch American movies, go to the grocery store, go for a boat ride, explore Chicago, go to baseball games, try new restaurants, and listen to music together. Our house will always be open to her and her family! We hope to go to Spain in the near future to visit her as well!

...positive experience for the whole family...

It was a positive experience for the entire family. The kids enjoyed having a “big brother” to hand out with. We also enjoyed learning about Spain and the differences between our two countries

Stoltz family

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