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We connect exchange students with host families and help them prepare for and be supported throughout our International Friendship immersion programs, so they can have enriching experiences while expanding their perspectives and develop life-long friendships.


Here at International Friendship, we love sharing positive energy with the world and enjoy all the beautiful things that can happen when we take a leap of faith, invite a new friend into our hearts & home, and together create a wonderful experience for all.


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Thank you for all you did to make this year so special! You gave me the insight to step outside of my box and have one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

Zibell family

Camp Fire at Night
Outdoor Family Day
Team Talk
Travel Polaroids
Kids Jumping into the Lake
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 International Friendship L.L.C. is an organization dedicated to linguistic and cultural experiences. It is our passion to offer these quality opportunities so that everyone ...


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